Unlike Most Car Repair Workshops, We Make It Our #1 Priority To:

  1. Provide an Accurate and Competitive Quote
  2. Fix Your Vehicle Correctly the FIRST TIME
  3. Complete Repairs ON TIME

arrowThat’s right: We treat you like family and your vehicle like one of our own which is why we are the most trusted car repair company in Singapore. So what are you waiting for — Book your appointment now!

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  1. Is Your “Check Engine” Light Coming On?
  2. Is Your Aircon System Blowing Warm Air or Making Strange Sounds?
  3. Has Your Vehicle Been in an Accident Recently?
  4. Is Your Car “Pulling” to the Left or Right When You Drive?
  5. Is Your Car Making Strange Sounds?
  6. Do You Need Your Vehicle Towed?

1 Action Garage is a complete, full-service car repair shop and if you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above or are having ANY problems with your vehicle whatsoever, then YES you need our services, competitive pricing, and world-class customer service. Whatever your car repair needs, we have you covered with A-to-Z service that includes:

1 Action Garage Workshop (new)

  • Collision Repair
  • Car Maintenance/Servicing
  • 24-Hour Towing
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Comprehensive Aircon Service

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  • “This was the best experience I have ever had with getting my car fixed. 1 Action Garage fixed my aircon and gave my car a complete tune-up so that it runs like new again for much less than I would have imagined for such great service. I will never take my car anywhere else!”

    Patrick Lee, 26
    Jurong West

  • “I have taken my car to 1 Action Garage three times and they are by far the most honest car repair business I have ever known because they stick to their estimates and are always looking for ways to save me money while taking care of my car.”

    Steven Goh, 41

  • “Without my car, I honestly couldn’t get to work and feed my family—it is that important to my life right now. So when another car repair shop told me I had to replace my engine to fix my car (which I could not afford), I thought we were doomed. But a friend of mind told me about your company and how it helped him out when he totaled his car, I decided to enquire for my car repair — I am SO glad I did! You rebuilt my engine for a fraction of the cost of a new one and literally saved me and family from ruin so I cannot thank you enough! I would recommend 1 Action Garage to absolutely ANYONE!

    Eric Koh, 33

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