Continental Car Servicing Package


At 1-Action Garage, we fully understand that money is tight and that most people don’t want to “waste” money on car maintenance. But far from “wasting” your money, a truly effective car maintenance plan actually SAVES you money by extending the life of your vehicle and helping you avoid HUGE repair bills down the road.

And to help you save even more of your hard-earned money, 1-Action Garage has 4 Continental Car Servicing Packages to choose from! Please review and select the plan best suited for you, your car, and your budget!

Mobil 1 Car Servicing Package For Continental Cars

  • Engine Oil – Mobil 1 (0W40/0W30) -Fully Synthetic Oil – 4/5/6/8 litres
  • Save up to 30% Off Normal Pricing
  • Includes Full 21-Point Inspection
  • Includes 1 Free Oil Filter and Filter Change
  • Labour charge for servicing

Our Mobil 1 Car Servicing Package is your best deal when it comes to taking care of your car with the service and attention it needs to keep it running strong, maintain your resell value, and ultimately SAVE you MORE money! So don’t delay and take advantage of this special offer before it disappears forever!

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Mobil 1 (0W40) Servicing Packages:

  • 1600cc below (4 litres) – $138* (U.P $188)
  • 1700cc to 1800cc (5 litres) – $158* (U.P $208)
  • 2000cc to 2500cc (6 litres) – $178* (U.P $228)
  • 2500cc above (8 litres) – $218* (U.P $268)
  • Limited Time Offer!

Our 1-Time Service Special is just for you! Save up to 30% off our normal pricing and still receive the professional and courteous service you expect and deserve! But don’t delay: This special offer will expire SOON and once its gone—we won’t be bringing it back!

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